Creating Matter Contacts

Matter Contact management is the basis of your practice. GOMATTERS connects Matters and Contacts for improved efficiency and communication with your clients and other players involved in a case. Once a Contact has been connected to a Matter, you will be able to view and communicate with the Contact record from within the Matter and you will be able to search all Matters to which a Contact has been assigned from the Contact record.

To connect a Contact to a Matter:

  1. Create a Contact at Group > Contacts
  2. Create a Matter at Group > Matters
  3. View the Contacts List in the Matter you just created at Matter > Contacts
  4. Click the Add button in Matter > Contacts and select the Contact from the available Contacts in the Contacts List

To view the Matter Contact record, click the Matter Contact in the Matter Contacts List. The Matter Contact is a two-way connection. The Contact record can be accessed from Matter > Contacts and the Matter record can be accessed from Contact > Matters.


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