Powerful, scalable

GoMatters allows you to create unlimited Groups to store your Matters, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes and Documents.

Create a Group for an entire organization or create separate Groups for specific areas within the organization. If you work with multiple organizations, create Groups for each one.

Manage your organization's assets from one app on any desktop or mobile device.


Simple, intuitive

Groups contain app elements that can be connected to other elements within a Group. Each Group has a collection of Matters, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes and Documents.


Move your law practice to the cloud in minutes with practice management tools that scale with your firm. Track your firm's Matters, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes and Documents in one app and access your data from any desktop or mobile device.

Matters Connect Elements

  • Contacts connect to Matters for easy lookup and conflict checking. Matter Contact records are stored in the Matter record so you can view all Contacts related to a Matter in one place.
  • Calendars are connected to Matters through calendar events. View all events associated with a Matter in the Matters app without switching between calendars to save time managing court dates and scheduling.
  • Tasks can be connected to Matters to better manage deadlines and limitation dates. Completed Tasks are removed from your todo list, but a complete record of the Task is stored in the Matter record.
  • Notes and Documents are connected to Matters for quick reference. View your files on any device in one app.
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Matters, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes and Documents in one app.

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I have been researching cloud based systems and you guys truly rock. I'm not the smartest person on a computer, but your tutorial was perfect and the screens are so simple. Nothing fancy or complicated. I appreciate that about you guys.

I have been literally looking for months for a program with your exact functionality, in fact I was just in the process of designing my own database and I made one last search and found your site... I am literally changing my office from my filemaker pro server database to your program.


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