Practice Management Software for Lawyers

GOMATTERS is a web based practice management software suite for lawyers, paralegals and other legal professionals. Since 2009, GOMATTERS has led the way in web based legal software by providing affordable, usable practice management software solutions for the legal community.

GOMATTERS allows a law firm to connect traditional law practice elements like Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Documents, Invoices and Ledgers in a software suite that is accessible from anywhere, anytime. GOMATTERS uses the Matter as the central hub to connect elements. By connecting law practice elements in one centralized location, lawyers are able to provide more efficient and accurate service to their clients.

GOMATTERS offers an elegant user intereface that is both simple and intuitive. Lawyers and other legal professionals using the system are able to master the UI in a few clicks. The UI is backed by a powerful backend architecture that continues to set the standard for application development in the legal software industry.

GOMATTERS is web based law practice management software that keeps your law firm more organzied and efficient. Our web based law practice management tools designed by lawyers, for lawyers are avaiable on both desktop and mobile devices. Our next generation legal software connects your office and clients, simplifes your practice and secures your law office data in a powerful, intutive application for legal professionals.