Free Matter Contacts Management

We've wanted to do this for a long time... so why not? Matters and Contacts are now free in our base plan!

Matter Contact management is at the root of every Matter. The GOMATTERS Matter Hub Strategy lets you connect Contacts to Matters for quick lookup of Contact information without having to navigate to a separate contacts application like your native desktop app addressbook. The simple act of making that natural connection inside your practice management software can make you so much more efficient.

To connect a Contact to a Matter, enter the Contact in the Contacts app of your Group. Switch to the Matters app, click the Contacts link under the Matter, click the add button and select the Contact you added in the previous step. It's that simple. You can add unlimited Contacts to any Matter. There is a tutorial on Matter Contacts available in Account / Tutorials.

When viewing a Contact in the Matter context, clicking the Contact email address will open an email with a formatted subject line following the Matter Name / Matter Number format. We highly recommend sending all emails to clients through through the Matter Contact record to let you easily sort through emails by Matter.

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