CRM for Lawyers

In the traditional business sense, CRM means "Customer Relationship Management", but for lawyers, we like to call it "Client Relationship Management". GOMATTERS is software CRM for lawyers that manages a law firm's contacts, calendars, tasks and billing for increased efficiency. The Matter Hub Strategy is the core of our CRM for lawyers.

By connecting traditional CRM elements like contacts, calendars and tasks to a Matter, all case management information is streamlined to make the attorney client relationship more productive and profitable. Our CRM for lawyers makes it easier for a law firm to manage client communication and other backend law office tasks like docket control and document management.

For many lawyers, tracking dockets and deadlines is a combination of physical office calendars and spreadsheets. A patchwork combination of apps like Notes or Excel might make managing your law office a little more tolerable, but the full power of a CRM for lawyers will bring your law office client management to a new level.

Our CRM for lawyers will help your law firm to move away from the inbox as a practice management system. Your firm won't have to manage that giant spreadsheet of contact information or a separate apps for calendars, tasks, notes and document storage.

  • Organize Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Documents in a central location
  • Track deadlines and tasks more efficiently through Matter connections
  • View law firm resources on desktop or mobile
  • Scale up as your firm grows

GOMATTERS is web based law practice management software that keeps your law firm more organzied and efficient. Our web based law practice management tools designed by lawyers, for lawyers are avaiable on both desktop and mobile devices. Our next generation legal software connects your office and clients, simplifes your practice and secures your law office data in a powerful, intutive application for legal professionals.