Creating Your First Group

A Group is a collection of Matters, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Documents and other elements used in your practice. Think of your law practice as a Group. You have many different elements of your practice that need to be coordinated and shared. The Group is where those elements are stored for sharing and reuse.

Group Strategies

  • Single Group Practice: Creating a single Group is the simplest way to organize your law practice. We suggest using the name of your law firm for the name of the Group. Elements added to the Group will be able to be shared and reused throughout the Group. This method most closely resembles the way your firm works in the real world.
  • Multiple Group Practice: You can split areas of your practice into multiple Groups, for example "Injury" and "Bankruptcy". This strategy can be used when it is necessary to firewall areas of your practice. Elements are firewalled within a Group and one Group cannot use elements of another Group. Firewalling prevents "Injury" Group from access to Matters, Contacts and all other elements in the "Bankruptcy" Group.
  • Mutliple Firm Practice: If you do contract work for multiple firms, you can create a Group for each of those firms. Creating a Group for each firm will allow you to partition shared elements of one firm from another. This strategy works well for paralegals and other legal professionals that work with multiple firms.

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